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2 Oct

Our fellow blogger and friend Q8Rain took a huge step forward towards humanity and helping people out. Whats great about this is that she made a commitment to help kids with cancer, her commitment is to try to make them happy and smile once a month, and we have to help her out too.

To some of you the word Cancer is just a word that means a disease, some can’t even say it thinking if they do then they bring bad luck to themselves, and some who knows exactly what it means because it’s either they suffer from it or was cured. Whatever that word means to you, you should never underestimate it or the people who suffer from it.

I personally had a friend who used to have leukemia and gladly was cured from it. I know for a fact that me staying around her and act like nothing is going on was the best thing that ive given her. People who suffer from cancer need just SOMEONE to be around, to talk to, to make them laugh, and this is the whole point of this campaign.

What you can do?

Theres gonna be a party for the kids with cancer every month at the NBK Hospital, again..its EVERY MONTH! All your asked to do is to donate something, toys, coloring books, games, educational stuff, whatever you can afford, they are kids and believe me they aren’t demanding, we just wana make them smile and have a good time. If you think you have more ideas you can participate in to make the party more joyful, please don’t hesitate.


Tomorrow the 3rd of October is the first party, It will start at 10:30 till 12:30 and we hope we can make those 65 kids see life differently for those 2 hours at least.


You can easily contact Q8Rain or send us here and we will make sure to deliver whatever you have to offer.

What did we do?

We tried to provide whatever we can in such a short period and wrap them, hopefully next month we can think of something more creative :) I wanna thank also my bestie Yayoo for donating some toys and also That Al Salasil who were very welcoming to the idea and were very happy to help and send us lots of kids books.

We wanna thank Q8Rain for this thoughtful idea and hope all the bloggers can take this seriously and act up on it. It will not cost you much believe me, you can make someone happy by doing this, so think about it. We also added a badge on our side banner to be an official supporter. I will personally wear YELLOW tomorrow cuz gold is the color of childhood cancer ribbon, so why don’t we all do that?


2 Responses to “Support: GIVE..Bloggers to Community”

  1. 7ajidude October 2, 2011 at 2:45 pm #

    This is an amazing post :)



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