Event: Give for Kids with Cancer

5 Oct

I might be a bit late for this post but I really wanna make this post a bit special. If you are expecting nice pictures of food, or new places to visit or a review of a new movie, then you are wrong. This post is made with love to the kids who have cancer. I wrote a post HERE a couple of days ago about an event that is organized by one of our fellow bloggers Q8Rain to donate gifts and have a special party for the kids with cancer at the NBK Hospital. AGAIN, This isnt a one time thing, if you didnt participate or want to, theres always next month.

I arrived around 10 am that day to see Q8Rain & Pink Girl at the main entrance getting all the gifts gathered at one place. I rushed to help cuz the amount of gifts was unbelievable!! Kids were gathering and you can see them trying to smile because this is something un usual to them. However, you can still feel they aren’t too excited or hyper, just because they are simply sick.

Am writing this post and don’t know exactly what to write, The party was fun, the decoration, the face paint and crafts, the activities, there was food, flowers, frozen yogurt, and so so many things.

We stayed and played with the kids for a while, then we moved upstairs to the wards were some kids have more serious conditions and can’t be taken downstairs. They were all aged between 1 year up to 15 years old. It’s so sad to see these kids so weak and helpless. That makes me think of the amount of blessings that we have everyday and don’t even notice it. The whole event made me feel sad and grateful on so many levels. I hope I get the chance to go there every month to not forget.


One of the very serious cases is for this kid named Abdulkareem, I believe he’s 13 years old who was diagnosed with cancer in his knee. Sadly they can’t do the right operation for him in Kuwait, their solution is to cut his leg off before the cancer start spreading more. He only has 6 days left for someone to donate 30,000 KD to be able to go to Jordan and make the knee replacement operation. If you know anyone whose willing to help, please don’t hesitate to comment or email us and we will direct you to the right person.

We visited one of the wards play rooms (which i was very happy to see the decoration and the fun stuff the kids can enjoy) and starting drawing notes for the kids. This is only the first time, Inshalah every time we go will do something to remind them that we are there.

I would like to thank personally EVERYONE who donated something, who even thought of helping and couldn’t. You all are great with big hearts, lets keep it this way every month, think about the amount of money you spend over silly things, these people seriously need it.

 A special thank you to the people behind this Q8Rain & Iyaa, just know that we are always willing to help for a good cause. A big thank you to the bloggers who made it that day Pink Girl, Omarker, Blog37, Bloglaish, Dudette from 7ajidude, Triple Sisters, BerooQ8. A hug and a thank you to all the doctors and nurses that helped us, THANK YOU!

The companies that donated: Express Food, PICK YO, Tolipias Sense, We Love Kuwait, The Little Joy Shop, Solo Pizza Napulitana, Q8Printer


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