TV: Up All Night

10 Oct

Up All Night is a new TV show that i recently discovered, I have seen the trailer before and totally forgot about it until my friend gave me the first episode and she was like “it’s not that nice” but I believe she was wrong cuz I really liked it :)

The show is about the life of a couple who recently had a baby and how their lives are changing and how they are trying to pull it together. Come to think about it, this would be a cool show for His & Hers to watch :p

I found the show entertaining and worth watching, I would honestly rate it after Modern Family as it’s probably the only comedy show that I really enjoy watching.  I personally love this kind of sense of humor, love the great quality and also am starting to really like Maya Rudolph (Ava in the show) since I saw her in Bridemaids and now this, her sense of humor is just funny to me!

I’ve only seen 3 episodes so far and can’t wait for the rest :D it’s definitely recommended. Watch the trailer HERE and here’s a stupid clip that I found funny and the song kinda stays there for a while lol.


2 Responses to “TV: Up All Night”

  1. Jacqui October 10, 2011 at 10:43 pm #

    I too have heard mixed reactions, personally I loved it and started recommending it to friends but there are some who didn’t like it and felt it was stupid or maybe hated Arnett.

    I think there is greatness behind this show and that it will become something! I missed Christina Applegate on the TV so I’m so excited she’s back!


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