The Frozen Yogurt War

15 Oct

A year ago maybe not everyone knew what frozen yogurt is or how it taste like, now the 5 years old kids have it as a snack or start crying every time they pass by one at the mall. I’m personally one of those people who fell in love with the idea and the taste of it, it’s just perfect sometimes.

But honestly what we have been seeing recently is just ridiculous!! There are so many brands in such a very short time! its nice to have the option to pick and choose which is better but it’s becoming confusing, I don’t think its fair for the owners or the customers. Again am not against the idea, it’s just confusing.

It makes me think that if there are people (not big companies) who have the money, the power and the ability to bring a brand and open a branch or two around Kuwait then they should bring something that we don’t have already, something interesting (just like how interesting it was when we first got frozen yogurt in Kuwait) that could get people tempted to visit and try.

Speaking of wich, a couple of days ago i was at Marina Mall and noticed SNOG opening soon beside Xcite.

Today also I was surprised to find that Sraay Al Bida’a was closed down to open a pinkberry branch. I already knew about Sraay closing down (which I wasnt happy about cuz I used to like that place) but I thought that Al Shaya is bringing new brands and in a location like this a new restaurant would fit perfectly.


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