Event: Bloggerettes Dinner with the BEST!

25 Oct

Yesterday the female bloggers were invited by BEST United Electronics for a cosy dinner at Kei Japanese Restaurant at JW Marriott in Kuwait City. As I know most of the girls who were invited and being a japanese food lover, I was more than happy to go.

We were welcomed by Ms. Amtaar and Ahlam at the door and taken to our table, we were almost 25 girls who sat at the same table and ended grouping up together and chit chatting. It was a fun gathering catching up with everyone and specially The Side Talker cuz its been a long time since we had the time to gossip :P

Then the food was served, each one of us had sort of a box with different varieties inside. It had two pieces of 3 different types of maki, 3 other kind of chicken roll, something that seemed like a chicken hamburger, spinach with sesame, and of course the only and only tempura. It was followed by a scoop of sesame ice cream.


Now to be honest, I didn’t enjoy the food much. The rolls had a plain taste and the sesame was like everywhere lol. Am a big fan of japanese food and I enjoy the good rolls and sauces, I just think it wasnt juicy enough. I was personally bummed for not having an avocado or seafood salad and edamami.

Enough with the food (we said Johnny Carinos next time :P), let’s get back to our gathering..


We had an interesting discussion with Abdelaziz Al Yusifi who is the president of BEST! it was nice of him to come personally to greet us and hear our suggestions and requests. We are definitely gonna hold your word for promising us to take us to Japan for a tour :P

Special thanks to Amtaar Suhail for the invite and following with us, Ahlam, Omar Massouh and the cool president Abdelaziz Al Yousifi :) It was a nice cozy gathering with the girls, I would love to do this again :)



3 Responses to “Event: Bloggerettes Dinner with the BEST!”

  1. Amtar Suhail October 26, 2011 at 11:49 am #

    Thank you dear for accepting the invitation and im looking forward to see fighting with the sumo wrestler as you promised :P … Glad you enjoyed it


    • Moody October 26, 2011 at 1:50 pm #

      ohhhh you bet i willl !!! just tell him to be gentle on me lol



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    […] is the second time we get to meet the people behind BEST (read the previous event HERE) and get to have a chit-chat with […]


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