Event: Crush It with Gary Vaynerchuk

26 Oct

Yesterday was the day that a lot of people were waiting for, a lot of people who had interests in social media, bloggers, or some owners of small business. They were all gathered under one roof to hear ONE guy telling them the truth about what happened and whats happening now, and also some predictions about the future of social media.

This guy is called Gary Vaynerchuk who wrote a book called Crush It which talks about following your passion and how to boost your business. Check out his website HERE.

I honestly was doubting myself yesterday whether to go or not, specially that I wasnt feeling well, but am glad that I did. Gary is definitely a great speaker, not one of those cliché ones who makes you drift to la la land and that life is full of beautiful things. He simply talk sense to you and explain everything based on reality.

I tweeted him yesterday and he replied to me and also to a lot of people who did, that says something about someone famous like him, we need to meet more people like him, people we can actually benefit something from, not just someone who say the same thing over and over again and act like he knows EVERYTHING! we know that you don’t so give us a break.

I wont tell you what he exactly said as most of you were there, I just hope you all enjoyed this experience as I did. A big thank you goes out to the sponsors who managed to make this event happen, we need more of this!

Follow Gary on Twitter, Facebook and more about his book Crush It.


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