Event: Bloggers Bowling Night @ 360 Mall

27 Oct

Yesterday a group of bloggers were invited to have a bloggers tournament at the VIP bowling room at 360 mall. I was very happy and excited when I received the invitation because this is something different and fun! Its something I would be doing with my friends! Anyway so I took my friend Lara (AKA Yayo) with me to have some fun.

I was happy to see that a lot of bloggers showed up, we were almost 25 and were divided into 4 teams, everyone is supposed to go home with something but the first 3 with the highest scores get something more special.

Now let me tell you more about the VIP bowling room itself. I have never been there before but I will definitely make sure that I do again! the place is just perfect, it had four bowling lanes, 1 pool table, lots of seats and best of all an iPod/iPhone dock to hook your device in! whats even better is that there was a dj for us and he was simply playing some really cool hits! next time we want this only for girls so we can dance freely :P

Oh did i mention the FOOOD!! the tables were packed with sandwiches, hotdogs, pizzas, fries…etc! they have a menu you can order from and it’s actually delicious! it was hard to focus on the game and the food at one time!

So we started practising, at first I saw most of the guys doing really well, so I thought i had no chance in winning! but once we started playing and I started checking everyone’s score and I was like…hmmmmm….interesting!

We had 2 full games and they collected the scores and His got the first place (he was playing really good, he deserves it) and to my surprise I was the second place! and my friend yayo got the third! she was extremely happy with it saying its the first time she wins something! put in mind that I had to convince her of coming with me before and she kept on saying “I suck at bowling” and look what she got out of it! :D

I just wanna thank 360 for such an exciting event that was organized very well and I bet everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. A big thank you goes out to Rasha Al Muhtaseb for inviting us and being there the whole time and enjoying the event with us. Thank you to all the staff of 360 bowling who were there to make sure everything is ok and get us everything we needed, you were amazing, am sorry I didn’t get to know all of your names, so thank you all.

If this sounded good to you, make sure to follow them on Twitter @360mall and @fun_at_360mall. Checkout their Facebook pages also HERE and HERE.



2 Responses to “Event: Bloggers Bowling Night @ 360 Mall”

  1. Nunu-San October 30, 2011 at 9:09 am #

    This looks like fun (^.^)


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