Event: BEST & The Sumo

1 Nov

We were invited by BEST for the grand opening of the biggest electronics showroom in Kuwait that took place in Al Rai area. Best is known for their Japanese brands and what is the best way to represent is other than bringing a Sumo wrestler all the way from Japan!!!! yes they did, and we were there to witness it :D

This is the second time we get to meet the people behind BEST (read the previous event HERE) and get to have a chit-chat with them.

The showroom is huge and has absolutely everything you need for your house and also at great prices! I honestly bought only one device from their showroom before and I was happy with the service that I had.

Back to the event, so YAMA is the name of the sumo wrestler, I arrived early so I got the chance to take a couple of shots with him, sadly he doesn’t speak english but there was a translator with him, however don’t try to have a conversation with him, he didn’t seem to be tha talkative kinda guy :P

After a small speech by the president of BEST united Abdulaziz Al Yousifi, we were taken back to Yama to take more pics and WRESTLE! yep you heard it! now don’t get too excited thinking its a real match, basically he was standing and we were trying to push a wall of cement with no hope what so ever :P I was the only girl who though “oh what the hell lets give it a shot” but I don’t blame the other girls for not trying! on the other hand, most of the guys chickend out and only 3 were brave enough and actually up for the fun :P

Sadly I had to leave early, the others were taken for a tour around the showroom, i had my small share of that.

Thanks to the social media team behind BEST, a special thanks goes out to Amtar Suhail.



2 Responses to “Event: BEST & The Sumo”

  1. expatandthecity November 2, 2011 at 4:04 pm #

    I read on several blogs that you were so brave! Way 2 go Moody! <3


    • Moody November 2, 2011 at 4:06 pm #

      Its not that am so brave, am just up for the fun :P


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