9 Nov

has anyone noticed how the twitter craze has started the whole @somewhere or @someone thing?

so damn annoying ;p i don’t really mind it but i feel like being very negative and aggressive :D aggression is a good look on me ;p (i think ;p)

I really wish i wasn’t at work.. i hate all the people that are off till the end of the weekend! so annoying :( i wish i had another 2 days!!!

the weather is absolutely gorgeous today – it just makes me happy somehow

here are the top ten places i’d rather be than at work:
1) Al fresco coffee shop having a yummy skinny latte – with no foam – extra shot of espresso (in a paper cup please) and a plain croissant (mmmm)
2) cruising/road trip – somewhere far away – with a friend – coffee and my hair blowing in the wind (nibbles too ofcourse)
3) walking on the marina with my beautiful niece
4) picnicking in some park
5) fishing (i went over the eid holidays and it was kinda fun to be honest ;p)
6) on a swing (yes i miss my younger days ;p)
7) skipping down the street – any street (preferably somewhere i won’t get run over
8) prime and toast kuwait (one of the loves of my life)
9) baker and spice dubai (another love of my life)
10) with my best friends – somewhere outdoors – anywhere ;p



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