Website: Camera Sim

16 Nov

A lot of you use their cameras almost everyday and specially when it comes to blogging. I have seen many types of cameras with my fellow bloggers and some of them are really good. I personally loves to take photos, but sometimes its hard when you are at an event and everything is happening so quickly and if you have a SLR sometimes it could take a while to set the right settings for the place you are in to get the perfect shot.

Am sure also a lot of you suffer when it comes to setting these options, that’s why today i come to you with a very useful website where you can learn what each option means and test it right away. Those options can be a bit confusing and sound so much alike, but it just needs some practice and you will be able to overcome it.

This website is called CameraSim, it basically helps you to learn how to use your SLR  properly and get great shots. It has SLR Camera Simulator where you can change the options and shoot and see how the picture turns out!  The other thing is the SLR Camera explanation, where they explain each option and what does it do, you can choose different background settings and shoot also and see the result!

I honestly think it’s a very useful and quick tool! it can make your life a bit easier, check it out!


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