Event: Red Bull Art of Motion

27 Nov

This is kinda a late post that I have been wanting to share for a while but its been very busy lately and finally i got the chance to do this. This event happened like 10 days ago which is called Red Bull Art of Motion, basically Red Bull brought a more than 20 athletes from all around the world to participate in this event and some of them were Kuwaitis which is cool for such a cool event. They sent them all to Failaka and gave them the equipment they needed and they only had 36 hours to make a video of them doing all the moves on the location they have chosen.

The event that I went to was the screening of those short films that each team made. To be honest i was hoping to see more local and Arab athletes but sadly the majority was Europeans, but they were definitely damn good. I honestly enjoyed watching the films and even if you don’t understand or familiar with parkour you can still enjoy it and know that some of the moves not very easy to do.

The 5 teams were named after Kuwaiti islands: Bobyan, Warba, Kubbar, Qarouh & Miskan. My favourite was Qarouh cuz i think they were a bit more creative than everyone else. The winners were picked by the teams themselves based on points they put for each other.

I thought this event was cool and out of the ordinary, we definitely need more of these, and something i almost forgot to mention is the invitation!! I honestly think its one of the most creative invitations that I have ever got! I was personally in love with it as I already have a problem with motion sickness and my cute friend Expat got me wrist bands for that purpose, unfortunately till this day I couldn’t use them properly but hopefully soon :D

Thanks Red Bull for the cool event and congrats to the winners, you all were great!


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