one of those days: back to work

4 Dec

it is the day that we’re back to work after having a 3 day week last week..

its just really had to get back into the swing of things.. i feel so out of it and can’t wait to go home!

i’m already starting to plan my next trip to kuwait… which will be at the end of this month for a couple of weeks.. i can’t wait! i just need a few weeks to chill out.. i’m getting so tired of all the weekends i’m working..

luckily i’m feeling a bit good about myself cause today is the third day that i’ve been healthy! so i’m gonna stick with it and hopefully finallly see some results!!!

i was eating so so badly before! like thousands of calories in biscuits!!!!!! so now i’m eating a lot of fruits and berries and just have to be more wise about what i eat!!! and try to work out also – it has been over two weeks i did any form of exercise!!!

so hopefully sticking with it! and if i don’t! it can be a new years’ resolution ;p

someone please save me from the hectic-ness of workkk!!!!!!!!!



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