little miss pill popper

13 Dec

hellooo and goood morning to all!

its a tuesdayyyy *dances* which means that tomorrow is a wednesday!!! and there’s just thursday! bring onnn the weekend! could really use it!

i have slept badly for the past three nights! it has been sooo tiring in the day, especially as i feel I am getting ill…

so i have just started popping pills like no body’s business! i’m having throat sweets/medicine more often than recommended as my throat has started hurting a lot! and i don’t wanna miss my time with my neice and a very close friend of mine is coming this weekend! this is not the time to get ill! and to be honest! i just wanna feel like a vibrant munky! :D

beyond that! when i think of all the little girls that would make such great poster-childs for the term pill-popping, i am surprised there isn’t a little miss pill popper in the “little miss” series by Roger Hargreaves!

And if you don’t know what that , well to be honest that’s just not possible! i’m sure u do! u just have to know it! its shocking otherwise!!!!!

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