One of those Days: Away for a while

23 Dec

Its one of those days when you are supposed to be traveling but you just don’t feel it yet. I had a very busy week preparing for the trip and getting everything ready, yesterday was supposed to be more of a relaxing day, until I started to feel sick, definitely not the right time as am traveling only for 10 days and there will be a wedding and a new years party on the schedule! Right now am half packed, I still need to get some stuff and am still doubting the idea of goin to the doctor, I just don’t wanna bother myself.

I wanna take this moment to thank everyone who asked about us as we have been going slow with the blog lately, thank you, we are still alive, and we will be back better than before, we just need some time i guess. For me  I don’t think I will be blogging in the next 10 days as I will be super busy, but ill be missing this place for sure.

Happy holidays everyone, merry christmas and wish you a happy new year, may it bring you everything you wished for.


2 Responses to “One of those Days: Away for a while”

  1. D December 23, 2011 at 5:49 pm #

    Have a safe trip honey. You will start feeling better eventually to enjoy your time there


  2. Dalal (@Um3azoz) December 23, 2011 at 11:05 am #

    Salamat! Go to the doc. ask for an injection and then start with antibiotics if you need them the next day…three days and you’ll feel better!
    Get well enjoy your trip and Happy Holidays! :***


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