lucky day

28 Dec

its one of those rare and lucky days when we don’t have that much to do!

and our boss tells us we can leave early!

i’ve already done everything i had to ;p and now i’m just twiddling my thumbs waiting for the day to end till i can leave :D (we normally finish at 6:30 and today we can leave at 4)

The great thing about this is that I still get my lunch break and can go pick up my car from service within working hours!! wooo hooooo!!!!

this works out great for me since i leave to kuwait for about 18 days on friday and have so so much to do in the mean time! least of all organise my room and make sure everything is tidy – but packing, buying a few things! its all here there everywhere! so i really am please :D

i can’t wait for the next four hours to pass by! need a looong lunch ;)

i feel so happy suddenly :D


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