Oldies: Rescue 911

9 Jan


Rescue 911 was probably in all of our childhood lives, it was maybe one of the very few shows that Kuwait Channel 2 air everyday and I wouldn’t be very surprised if they still do till this day :P The other days I was talking to my friend about this and i was surprised how much we remember!! we actually remember a lot of the stories that they included in the show which made me think that this was probably not right!! I mean we were 4 or 5 years old and we were watching a show that’s all about people going through near death experiences, whether it was caused by nature or another person caused it. I don’t think its right for kids at that age to watch such things, not that I hate it or think it affected my life dramatically, but i just don’t think its right.

How many of you used to watch it? how old were you and do you still remember a lot of it?


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