One of Those Days: Laptopless

16 Jan

Its one of those days when I officially don’t have a laptop anymore!

You see, I have had my laptop for more than 8 years! yes you heard me, I know 8 years can be a lot for a laptop but am the kind of person who doesn’t keep any clutter, un used programs or un filed files. I do regular cleaning and keep it nice and simple. It’s true that it got a bit slower and it can get frustrating sometimes, but I like my laptop, and obviously not anymore.

A couple of days ago a windows update popped on the screen, and because I like to have everything updated I had to accept it, after the restart, a message came out saying that there was a file that is missing or got corrupted! I tried to use the safe mode, but nothing would work. I started googling it cuz I usually I fix these problems easily and move on with my life, and still nothing would work. Eventually I gave up and formated the thing, I knew ill be losing some info but I was willing to do that instead of taking it to those shops and wait for ever and they would do the exact same thing.

After it was all clean and new again, I sat down to start downloading everything again, and suddenly I hear this weird noise coming out of the charger, PERFECT! this is what is needed. I have changed my charger probably 4 times (which makes sense in 8 years :P) but that was it for me. It was a sign from god that the time has come, this laptop should NOT be fixed anymore.

And here I am, laptopless, using my moms laptop whenever I can, my iPad, and my desktop at work, which SUCKS! BIG TIME! I cant wait to have a new proper one, so do you have any recommendations? all I need is a new laptop, at least 14″ clear screen, with ofcourse all the additional stuff that comes with all the laptops these days, it can handle some heavy progs like Photoshop. Am not looking for something expensive as probably I wont be needing a lot of extras. My previous laptop was a Toshiba, so whats your recommendations? and where is it best to get it from?


2 Responses to “One of Those Days: Laptopless”

  1. 7amood January 28, 2012 at 1:04 pm #

    macbook air or an ultrabook… dont go over 1000$. you wont dont anything that powerful.


    • Moody January 29, 2012 at 8:45 am #

      Thanks for the advice :)


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