Therapy, Do You Need It?

23 Jan

We all probably grew up watching movies that shows people going to a therapist because they have serious problems! It’s either because they have lost a close person and can’t get over the fact that they no longer exist, or a couple facing problems in their life so they head to the marriage/relationship counsellor, or just a person who has some anger issues. No matter what it is, they always show us messed up people going to a therapist, which I think is wrong.

We meet different people everyday who we might think have some serious issues and need immediate action whether at work, family or friends. Those people don’t actually realize that they have a problem, a few of them who does don’t really wanna take it to a professional because in the Arab world therapy is for CRAZY people only. Not to forget also the fact that Kuwait in particular is very small and people care about their reputation and what people might think of them if they find out.

How would you know if you have a problem? or what are the signs that could tell a person is having a problem. This is the important question  now! To me this is how I rate people:

1. Depression: if a person is always depressed, can’t see anything good in his life, cries a lot, lost of interest in everything, doesn’t like to socialize with other, frustrated, all of these signs mean this person is going the wrong road in life! I’m personally frustrated with work and it can get me depressed every now and then, but there are so many other good things in my life that makes me happy.

2. Drugs: people who uses drugs (taking pills, alcohol, smoking) as a solution to make themselves feel better all the time. This is a huge problem as they end up addicted to that drug and obviously did not solve the main problem.

3. Anger: some people are always edgy, angry, mad at something, its like they are always on hold waiting for something wrong to happen so they can burst it all out! which probably would cause them lots of troubles and losing their close ones.

4. Health: some people may feel physical pain which is caused by some psychological problem that doctors can’t solve.

5. Low self confidence: people who always feel bad about themselves, they think they are ugly, they always compare themselves to others.

All of these things are signs that sometimes I notice with the people who I meet everyday, which makes me believe that those people need SERIOUS help asap and shouldnt take it for granted.

BUT on the other hand, I don’t think only those people should go and see a therapist, I think everyone should do that even if they think they don’t have a problem at all! now let’s be honest, we ALL had a problem somewhere in our lives, we all went through some tough times, we all have secrets, and we aren’t very educated in this field, so why not let someone professional take the lead and help you even if it’s just a small issue in your life! at the end it would make your life better wouldn’t it?

All am saying here is that am really interested in visiting a therapist some day! I think it would be fun and interesting, people should start looking at it in a different way.

Have you ever been to one? how did it go? and if no, would you?



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