one of those days: the devils that resign

6 Feb

why is it that as soon as people resign they become little monsters that don’t do any work and dump everything on you! it is soooo annoying! it feels like their very existence is a burden on everyone else since you’re picking up after others all the time!

we have had some many girls at work who decide to resign and then do jack shit for the rest of their time where they serve their notice..

i’m really exhausted – i don’t know why.. i am so tired… i’m not as motivated as i used to be about working out or being super duper active.. i really need to start getting better more active and having more of a joie de vivre..

i just wish i didn’t get everything dumped on me at work! oh wellll.. c’est la vie i guess! ;p

i miss working till 4pm – 6:30pm is just tooo tooo tooo long ;p


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