Oldies: Dialup Connection

14 Feb

Do you recognize this amazing sound?

Not a very long time ago most of us who were interested in the internet had only one choice and that is using a “Dial Up” connection. Ofcourse looking back at it right now makes it so stupid, but we didn’t have a better option and we were VERY happy with that option. I remember our parents were very against it at that time thinking its a very ineligible source of information, well I don’t blame them it was new to everyone, but to us it was a major source of ENTERTAINMENT and nothing close to learning :P

I remember on weekends it was one of the most fun things to look forward to! We started by using a couple of chatting programs like mIRC, ICQ and MSN, there was also another voice call chat program that I forgot what it’s called. We used to sit for hours and hours just chatting and wasting time. Honestly, I didn’t use to  google anything, that was boring at that time :P

I also remember how frustrating it was when your dialup card finishes or you get disconnected and can’t connect again! we used to spend hours trying to reconnect, eventually give up and go to bed!

Did you use to go to internet cafes? for me I always wanted to, but those places where mostly for guys, so it’s either am going with my brother or not at all! Sometimes I had to go when am outside Kuwait, but I never really liked those places :S

As much as I love the fast internet service that we have today, how convenient it is and that you can access a connection anytime and almost anywhere, as much as I miss the simplicity of the way it was before and how we used to appreciate it :P

So whats your story with the old internet?


2 Responses to “Oldies: Dialup Connection”

  1. YM965 February 15, 2012 at 10:38 am #

    Omg that brings back so many memories, I used to hate it when someone picked up the phone and the connection used to disconnect


    • Moody February 15, 2012 at 11:27 am #

      hahahaha yes that used to happen alot lol


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