2 years and still happy!!!

11 Mar

in a region where we are reaching a 50% divorce rate within the first two years of marriage..

i think i have to say that its something special that Moody and I are still happy and going strong.. inshallah for a long time to come… it was our blog birthday on the 9th of Feb :D

it all started one lazy day when we were working together… i was inspired by 4th Ring Road blog and said to Moody.. let’s start a blog!

and she was totally on board! but she said – if we can come up with a name we can start it! (which totally went against what all creative writing teachers tell you – but it made so much sense in this case)

well.. you don’t want to ever get near Moody first thing in the morning and i used to call her Moody Panties.. and I told her to call the blog that! she liked and that’s where we started… sometime later.. we became.. Moody and Cheeky.. and I think it defines our personalities pretty well in some cases… even Moody will agree that she can be moody ;p

now the thing you don’t know about Moody – or maybe some of you are lucky enough to have enjoyed her company to know.. is that she knows something about everything mashallah.. she is good with technology.. good with people.. good with cats.. and basically.. everything (cept cooking – she does omlettes but that’s it so far (she may not be bad.. but she doesn’t ever get a chance to go into the kitchen.. but we’ll pretend she’s bad)) YAYYYY

so well.. i’d just like to say.. Moody is an amazing friend to have! and this blog would have never survived without her… well.. obviously not since we wouldn’t be moody n cheeky and its just not fun if that’s the case ;p – but seriously… she’s pulled this thing together and takes care of all the technical things and all the fun stuff toooo :D

you’re amazing Moody!!!

and i’d just like to take this moment to thank all of you readers.. you guys are our motivation.. nothing feels as good as getting great/interesting/fun comments from you guys! its just not the same without you guys ;p so stick around please… A LOT :D



2 Responses to “2 years and still happy!!!”

  1. Moody March 12, 2012 at 8:38 am #

    awwwwww !!!!! thats probably the sweetest post you ever written :P thanks babe, we just belong here together :D I love you


    • Cheeky March 12, 2012 at 10:25 am #

      heheheh inshallah always ;*


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