Event: Wataniya Give Kuwait Bloggers Night

15 Mar

2 months ago I wrote about Wataniya’s press conference for launching Give Kuwait 2 (read it here) and explained the main purpose for this campaign. 2 days ago Wataniya invited a lot of Kuwait’s bloggers for a private event at Tatami (read my review here) to explain more about the campaign and encourage whoever is interested to take the initiative and register cuz this would be a great opportunity.

What is Give Kuwait?

Give Kuwait is a program that will help YOU if you have a small business (whether it’s an idea, service or a product) and need someone to push you into the right path.

How does this work?

You need to be 18 and above and have a great startup business. You shouldnt have a retail store for your business (starting fresh lets say). Fill out a registration form HERE and you might be chosen along with 250 other participants.

What do you get?

You will be part of a huge advertising campaign (radio, billboards and press), so you can say all of Kuwait will know about you. You will have a free booth at the biggest exhibition of its kind in Kuwait for 5 days to present your work. And if you are a trainee, you will get skill development training workshops.

I honestly think this is a great chance given by Wataniya to everyone who have a small business or an idea and couldn’t go for it for many reasons that we all know of. this is your chance to be successful, so what are you waiting for?

To register, fill out the form HERE and let us know if you go through :) all the best of luck!

Thank you Wataniya for the event, thanks to each one of you (so I wouldn’t forget any names) for keeping us updated. Thanks to Tatami for having us too :)

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