One of those days: Confusing Weather

18 Mar

Just ranting about the weather..

We are all by now are kinda used to the dust storm that we get on regular basis right now and specially in the summer. The weather is changing around the world and it only makes sense as Kuwait has a lot of desert that we get these kind of storms. We are all used to it and yet we complain, that’s just human nature! Am sure that in the states or any of those cold countries they complain about the snow and the cold as much as we complain about the dust! and who knows, they might wish for having the dust instead of the snow! are you willing to exchange if you can?

Whats surprising me is that for a very long time we didn’t have winter that lasted this long! i mean it’s almost April and today the temperature was 10 in the morning! we don’t really know if we should wear summer clothes and have extra jackets on us or just wear light winter clothes and hope we don’t get hot in the afternoon!

I’m not really looking forward to summer, I think am not the summer kind of person. I mean if you are cold, you can always wear extra clothes, but if you are hot, what are you gonna do? Some people look forward to summer cuz of the beach and all the activities, well I don’t think anyone could stand the heat in Kuwait! who would go to the beach in Kuwait in summer when it’s over 50 degrees? unless you wanna commit suicide.

So be careful people of this weather change, it’s probably full of viruses and to those who suffer from breathing problems too.

Stay safe

2 Responses to “One of those days: Confusing Weather”

    • Moody March 19, 2012 at 8:12 am #

      Thats just perfect! i envy u


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