One of those Days: Distracted

2 Apr

I have been feeling like this for a while now, distracted, unfocused, bored, sick of routine and it’s getting too into me. It feels like its been awhile since a change happened in my life, but this time not any change would do, it must be a change that I want, or more like I NEED. Everyday I wake up with the same feeling, that I don’t feel like going to work, and when I do, it starts getting more boring from there, same routine, don’t feel like working even if I had stuff to do, and lately I don’t feel like playing round, I don’t wanna blog, I stopped tweeting and instagraming, and everything is going down from there.

Do I know what my problem is? yes you can say that, can I do anything about it? No.

But today I pushed myself a bit harder, I started working, am catching up with my blog and my friends, am facebooking again, and hopefully I can manage this and not fall for it again.

So what have I been missing lately?



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