Me & The Pets

9 Apr

As you all know by now that I LOVE animals, almost all types of animals, picky about some and scared of others, but I love them in general. And as much as I do, sadly I never got the chance to raise any during my childhood, I only had a cat almost 7 years ago where I had to give it away after my parents were very bothered by the hair it was leaving on the furniture, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was the best cat that anyone could have.

2 Years ago, my best friend got me a baby hamster, he was adorable, I freaked out a little bit in the beginning ( I never had a hamster before) but before I knew it, I was getting attached and loving having him around (seems like am talking about a human being I know :P) he was very playful, active, friendly and funny! he lived 2 happy years and passed away! it was very sad cuz there was nothing I could do, part of me wanted him to die cuz I didn’t want him to suffer for too long.

After that, I decided that I don’t wanna have pets for a while (still recovering from the last loss :P) untill one day my brother surprised me with another hamster! was I ready? am not sure, but I got caught up and got excited and decided to keep him straight away. The problem is that he’s nothing like the hamster that I had before! he’s not as friendly, he’s always hiding in his house, he eats ALOT and gained a lot of weight! so I cant hold him, I cant play with him, so it’s almost pointless, I just put him in his plastic ball and watch him move around like an airhead.

But that all changed when I finally got a kitten :D I did say how much I love animals, but there’s nothing like cats! I just adore them and call them MY people :P so this cat is so crazy that you can even imagine! he’s VERY hyper, active and playful to an extreme that its hard for me to keep up with him! and for that reason, I have called him “Messi”, he plays football better than the real one :P he does a lot of stupid moves that cracks the family up, but whenever he’s tired and sleepy, he becomes this fury ball of purr that just wants to cuddle. I know he looks angry and scary in the above picture, but hes nothing like that :P

So that’s basically my pet family! do you have any? share your stories with us :)


3 Responses to “Me & The Pets”

  1. Cheeky April 10, 2012 at 8:48 am #

    if moody was an animal – she would be a cat ;p


  2. B4ianCa April 9, 2012 at 2:56 pm #




  1. Goodbye Messi | - March 6, 2013

    […] And before you even start thinking of it, NO he did not die. And incase you don’t know the story, Messi was my pet cat, i got him a year ago, you can read about it HERE. […]


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