Review: The Breakfast Club

10 Apr

Cheeky visited Kuwait during the weekend and it was time for us to catchup and do some fun stuff! we finally managed to have a full day of food and activities along with a good friend of ours which was so much fun :D one of those places was the Breakfast Club where we decided to start our day with a good breakfast. It was our first time to try the place as we heard so many reviews about it, and as we are both good fans of omelets, then we had to try this place ourselves.

Our first impression wasnt so good cuz of the place it was located at! Its located in Fintas, and we don’t mind the area at all, however, the place is between a lot of residential buildings, which doesn’t give you a good view at all, and it can get a bit uncomfortable if you are sitting outside.

Now back to the food, the menu doesn’t have a lot of varieties, but they are definitely good enough for different tastes, I went with the American breakfast (you can never go wrong with that), Cheeky went for something more healthy with the white omelet, and our friend went straight to dessert with some good old pancakes.

American Breakfast:

I would have changed a couple of things about my dish but I guess I was too hungry to care. I would have had scrambled eggs instead and something else instead of the beans, overall the meal was really good and satisfying.

White Omelet:

Cheeky said that she enjoyed her meal a lot, it was very light and tasty along with their white tea also.


I honestly prefer my pancakes to be very soft and slightly sweet, these were a bit crunchy and extra grilled I believe, but they still taste good, so its just a matter of preference :)

Overall, we liked the place, we enjoyed our time there, the staff was very friendly and I would probably be more excited about visiting again if they open a new branch somewhere better :)

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