One of those Days: Change

9 May

I’m a person who likes routine and change from time to time, if I get a busy schedule for more than a week (unless am traveling) I get tired and want to go back to my old routine. But that’s not the routine am talking about, I’m talking about the routine of not sleeping well, work, and stress. These all are not good routine in any way, and it’s a sign that I need immediate change or probably need to travel somewhere far.

Lately it has been very boring at work, some major changes were going to happen, everyone was trying to ask around if they have any news or something to gossip about, but everything was hush-hush which made us more nervous and lost about what to expect. Untill everything exploded last week! it was a definite relief, it was good enough, at least for now. This is way I have been away, I have so much catching up to do, hopefully soon ill go back on my feet and start blogging properly like before.


One Response to “One of those Days: Change”

  1. Cheeky May 10, 2012 at 8:02 am #

    i love the way the word is exactly in our colours <3
    love u bella!!!!!!


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