Review: Zahr El-Laymoun

15 May

We received an invitation awhile back from Zahr El Laymoun but never got the chance to visit until yesterday, and we were so glad that we did! Zahr El Laymoun is a Lebanese restaurant/cafe that serves Lebanese dishes in a homemade like. Their food is either grilled or baked and nothing is fried, which takes you back to the old days of how they used to make these dishes originally. What did I think of this concept? LOVED IT!

The moment you walk into the place you get the sense of traditions, culture and warmth. The decoration and the colors are is very cute and relaxing, you seriously feel like you are home while eating deliciously flavored food. Here’s a look:

Now let’s get to the food *drooling face*. So we were definitely starving and craving Arabian food! From the look at the menu, everything seemed good and delicious, so we left the decision to Mr. Rony who surprised us with one plate to another. He definitely did not disappoint us.

Starting off with a welcome bread basket and za3tar and some olives on the side. As they told us, everyday they serve something different, you gotta try it.

Why have a regular drink when you can have something different! Am not a fan of the taste of Ward in anything, but this Ward drink was refreshing and sweet, you would probably enjoy it after the meal more.

The thing about Wara2 El 3enab is that NO restaurant in Kuwait does it like homemade ones. It’s always un seasoned enough or the rice is too white, and sometimes spicy!!! But I think I finally found the place where they serve it RIGHT! Like I said, like its home made.

Baba ghanoug, it doesn’t taste like the ones you buy from other restaurants, this has vegetables and you can taste the grilled eggplant in it, delicious.

Hummus Bla7me is one of my favorites! Can’t say much about it as it’s ALWAYS good. Add to that some La7met Ras 3asfour and sojuk (more like spiced up hotdog with lots of flavor).

I do love taboleh but wanted to go for something different, so roca salad with shamandar, corn and slice of green apple was perfect with the seasoning.

Grilled crispy potato

After all this yummy food, we sat down to chat, we enjoyed our conversation with Mr. Rony who detailed all the information we needed about the restaurant and the food. Then it was time for coffee (traditional way) and some dessert. For the dessert we had Rez Eb 7aleeb and chocolate & biscuits with chocolate sauce on the side, the last one taste better than the home made one, MUST TRY!

Overall, I honestly had a great experience! I would definitely visit again and bring more family to try it out. I don’t know what you guys heard about this place before, but take my word for it, GO AND TRY IT OUT! Am sure you will not be disappointed if you are into Lebanese food. Zahr El-Laymoun is located in 360 mall and their new branch at the Avenues. A big thank you to Zahr El Laymoun for the generous invitation and presentation, you just got yourself a new customer :)


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