Project X: Bloggers Cooking Competition

6 Jun

This is one of the coolest ideas that Chef Boutique came up with for the bloggers as I always support these games/competition between bloggers cuz its simply FUN!

So now that Cheeky is not in Kuwait, sadly I cannot participate with her (tho it would be hilarious if we did) so am in with one of the triple sisters :) The competition starts on Friday and hopefully we wouldn’t be eliminated right away lol. I have never been put under the spot light when it comes to cooking, so fingers crossed!

The 12 teams will be divided into 2 groups, and they are:

June 8th are:

FroyoNation & The Sidetalk

Moody & The 3rd sister

Swera & Jaggie

Fried Junk & 7abitain

Chapterq8 Triple sisters

 June 9th are:

3ateeja & The Triple F

His & Hers

PinkGirl & Danderma

Our Family Nest


Q8Rain & 7ajidude (dudette)

Stay tuned for the updates on what happens :)

One Response to “Project X: Bloggers Cooking Competition”

  1. Cheeky June 6, 2012 at 8:56 am #

    i wannnaaa doooo ittt :'(


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