tim hortons – what’s all the fuss about?

6 Jun

so.. Tim Hortons has now opened in Dubai in several locations.. i don’t know if there are plans to open in Kuwait yet but somehow its a really big deal in Dubai..

apparently the first shop used to be so crowded in the weekends, but people would not go elsewhere for their coffee/breakfast – because all they wanted was Tim Hortons!

so i went down one day in the week to go try some of their food and one of my favourite things.. COFFEEEE!!!

okay… so everyone goes gaga over their coffee! but i found my skinny latte with an extra shot of espresso too mellow.. it had only a hint of coffee and i prefer a much stronger cup of coffee – i took a sip of my friend’s french vanilla latte, which was nice.. but sweet and comforting.. i think this would be a cup of coffee that would be enjoyed by teenagers or the younger generation a lot..

my friend was in love with her cream cheese bagel!!!! the bagel itself had cheese on it too and she was sitting there as if she was in heaven.. i’m not the biggest fan of bagels or cream cheese – so i didn’t try it..

i had their chili.. which i found to be really yummy! it was soo tasty.. by far one of the best chili i ever had.. and it wasn’t too oily or greasy as some people do it!

their little ‘bake shop’ section is delightful.. my friend and i bought a bunch of doughnut bites to try, called timbits.. and they were really nice.. and since they are so small.. you can stop at one without having to indulge in a whole doughnut ;) everything in moderation right?

would i go back?¬†definitely for the bake shop or or the food! but i’ll give the coffee a miss..

does anyone else love/hate their food/drinks? :D


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