ProjectX: Most Exciting Food Competition

11 Jun

Last Friday I had a weird day that was full of excitement and FOOD! Yes, I finally decided to enter the food industry for the first time by participating in a very cool competition that was organized by Chef Boutique called Project X! this competition is organized for the bloggers and I believe it’s already a success! I highly recommend that they continue with it for the public.

It was my first time visiting Chef Boutique and I gotta say, what an amazing place! it’s just perfect! everything was organized and set, people were so nice to us and it simply felt like home! (a big thank you to Victor & Olga, you guys rock!)

So the day started at 3 pm where we headed to Chef Boutique to get ready for the competition. Not knowing whats gonna happen exactly was kinda getting me nervous, but the moment I started talking to the organizers, I felt more comfortable and actually excited to hit my station and get busy!

There were 6 teams playing, I had the 3rd sister from the triple sisters on my team, it was my first time meeting her, but we hit it off well :) The competition had 2 rounds and both had mystery ingredients that we have to include in our dish. What I didn’t know is that THAT mystery ingredient was supposed to be dominant on the dish! so our first was Mango, so we decided to make a fruit salad, ice cream with chocolate syrup, and strawberries dipped into nutella. Probably not the best choice we can come up with, but don’t blame us, we were nervous lol.

As for the second round, we were again surprised to find that our mystery ingredient was Bleu cheese! and don’t I hate bleu cheese :S The first thing that I thought off was MEAT! so we had bleu cheese meat steak with bleu cheese stuffed mushrooms and salad on the side. Again, probably not the craziest choice we can go for, but we were just tired and really wanted to win!

And guess what, we actually did WIN! it was overwhelming knowing that we were good enough to pass the first stage and be there for the finale stage next week. we definitely need to be prepared more but at least we have a full idea about it now.

I believe everyone was a winner, the fun we had was so different from the usual, we do get invited to a lot of events around Kuwait, but this one definitely tops them all!

Thank you Chef Boutique and everyone behind Project X (Dont wanna miss out anyone), a big thank you to all the sponsors too who gave everyone something to go home with, I will be posting later about them.

Stay tuned for next week’s post and wish us luck :)


2 Responses to “ProjectX: Most Exciting Food Competition”

  1. Cheeky June 12, 2012 at 8:11 am #

    didn’t i tell you moody could do anything she put her mind to??
    i am so proud of u


    • Moody June 12, 2012 at 12:30 pm #

      awww *shy face…if i have any*


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