One of those Days: Busy

14 Jun

I go through a phase of work load almost every year where everyone panics and start throwing their load on each other. Not that I hate work or I mind doing some extra effort into something, but it just doesn’t make sense when I have to do someone else’s job specially that you know that they could do it if they put their mind into it.

Sadly I work in a place where no one trusts each other, everyone is trying to blame the other for something, or somehow include them in their job incase they suck at it they have another person to blame. whats bad too is that if you refuse to help then you don’t support team work and don’t really care about representing the company the right way! and if you do help, then you will get to be blamed if anything wrong happens (which is a high possibility) or eventually end up fighting with others cuz ur working your butt off and they are slacking off.

I’m the kind of person who likes to get my jobs done on time, I like to make sure that everything is going the right way and put so many possibility and backup plans. I don’t know why not everyone is like that, specially if they have more work experience than I do and “supposedly” know more! Theres this type of people who have nothing to do and act like they have to solve a mystery, they have absolutely nothing to do and keep saying that they are busy busy the whole time. All I can say is that those people are meant to be put in a trash and set them on fire :)

Do you know what I mean?


One Response to “One of those Days: Busy”

  1. 7amood June 16, 2012 at 5:01 am #

    this is why I do not like working with people.. and when I do have to work on a project with someone, I take the initiative so that I can be the leader of the group.

    if only freelance was an option..


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