Review: Humbah Burgers

24 Jun

We were invited a couple of days ago to the first opening of Humbah burgers which is located in Shuwaikh Industrial. Its their first shop as they used/still have a truck where they go to certain places to promote their burgers. The location was a bit weird for me to be honest, but its all down to the food if its worth the visit again or not, was it? well read the rest and find out :)

Starting off with our first impression of the place. It looked neat and cool, they had the Humbah characters behind on the wall which was pretty cool. The whole concept and idea was developed by Mubarak Al Sabah who is the owner of Humbah Burgers. I liked how they used the colors orange and blue in everything (same as the logo). What I didn’t like is that they had 4 big tables where they could have had more if they were a bit smaller. What I also didn’t like was the smell of something is being fried all over the place, its kinda annoying even if you are enjoying your junk food!

One of the cool ideas is that they had an iPad stuck on a wall with a play list where you can choose the song you like and hear it playing while enjoying your food. This is cool to me cuz I do appreciate good music, just don’t put Justin Bieber on the list please :P

Now let’s get to the juicy part…FOOD! so Mubarak suggested that we go for Butambah and Hakooka as these are their new items on the menu and that its worth trying out. Knowing that I havent tried any of their burgers before, so I went with his decision. We had fries and coke on the side. Starting off with Butambah:

What I liked is the soft bun, the double beef patty, bacon and caramelized onion. However, we I didn’t like was the spices! there was this different taste that I couldn’t know whether it was from the sauce or the yellow bun! As for the cheese, it felt like it was one of those thick slices which didn’t melt properly and still had hard edges. I would recommend going for thinner slices that would take over the whole patty :P

The second choice was the Hakooka which had a black bun! now how cool is that :D everything tasted so good to me except for the cheese, as you can see in the picture it had 2 slices of cheese and the one in the middle definitely didnt melt. As for everything else, it was a great burger, I would definitely have it again.

As for the fries, it was spiced well, the sauce was good too (probably a mix of ketchup and mayo) but i would probably prefer it if it was crunchier.

So overall, the food was good, im definitely interested to try out their hotdogs and chicken sandwiches next time I visit, however ill probably have it to go instead. To know more about Humbah, check out their Twitter and Facebook pages. Thank you for the invite, we are happy to leave our mark on your walls :) Good luck guys and all the best!


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