Event: Zain Social Media Day

1 Jul

Yesterday, Zain has organized a Social Media Day meetup to celebrate with us the power of Social Media these days and how it has affected our lives and others. The event took place at Al Hamra 55th floor Sky Lounge. We have been there before also with Zain but the place wasnt ready yet. This time it was definitely ready, and it was so live with music, food all over the place and people having a good time. So before i go on, i just wanna say thank you to Zain’s Social Media team (Mohammed Mhaini, Nasser Al Mutawaa & Hala Abu Al Hassan) for the hard work on making this event happen. Your work has definitely paid off :)

I liked how everything was related to Social Media, food had logos on it, atmosphere, Omar wearing an insulting yet cute tshirt :P and we just can’t forget about these 3 dudes, they made me smile for sure heheh.

Now let’s go back to the event. So Omar Al Othman was presenting the show, interviewing people and giving away gifts. Me and the girls beside me were very close to win as the numbers were going up and down skipping us intentionally lol, so who do we blame? of course Omar! The event also had lots of local celebrities who were enjoying their time and sharing their experience with social media.

When we thought that the event is about to end, we were surprised to see these three guys coming out on stage!!! These guys have been on a lot of standup shows in Kuwait but I never got to see them, they call themselves “Sheno Ya3ni” and they definitely changed the atmosphere completely, everyone was laughing and enjoying their time :) sara7a you guys kento “6age3” :P

So thank you Zain for the invitation, thank you for the hard work, thank you for having all the Social Media freaks in one place, cant wait for next year :)


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