Support: You Career Life Starts Here!

1 Jul

Today is the day where my bestie starts her first job as an official employee. She just graduated a couple of months ago and to her this is major change! I honestly don’t blame her but it made me look back and remember how it felt to have my first job, and compare it to how I feel right now.

This post isn’t about me to share my experience, this post is dedicated to her where am only gonna wish her the BEST of luck. From now on your life is gonna be different, don’t get scared it not that bad! if you really wanna compare it to college, homework, assignments, this is kind of better, and best of all, you will become responsible, professional and well experienced :) I know that you might feel a bit unready, but that’s totally normal, soon you’re gonna be dragged into it and it will feel just normal!

So congratulations on your first job :***

you will ROCK!


One Response to “Support: You Career Life Starts Here!”

  1. I July 3, 2012 at 10:41 am #

    i just HATE waking up early !!!!
    but i’ll get used to it i guess :P
    thaaaaanks babe <3 you are so sweet
    you are my rock !!


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