Moving On..

10 Jul

I have been very busy lately getting everything done on my current job and being prepared and taking over at the new one, all of this happening has been taking time off the blog and my personal time, which am not complaining about cuz simply this is something I have been looking for a while now and now that I finally got it then am gonna give it the best I got.

I have 2 weeks left for finishing my days at my current job, and everyday am getting more excited and relieved, am not gonna go into details about how I feel about this place (you all probably know by now :P) but these feelings are going away right now, am just focusing on the future and how I can develop my skills and be where I want to be.

These feelings are all new to me, which may get me a bit nervous and weird, but the moment I start thinking of the future, I feel content again, am just thankful for how things are turning out right now, and there’s no place for bad thoughts at the moment.

Just wanna thank you all for sticking around all this time and for the support you have been giving us. This place was and will always be a place where we can say our feelings out. Me and Cheeky are thanking you from the heart. If you have anything you wanna say, feel free :)


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