Review: Cafe Blanc

18 Jul

We were invited to try out Cafe Blanc’s new menu for Ramadan. They will be serving eftar during Ramadan for 8KD per person. The menu includes a drink, soup, mazza, main course, dessert and a hot drink. They will have many varieties to choose from depends on your taste.

It was my first time to try anything at Cafe Blanc so I had no expectations at all, the place seemed decorated nicely and quiet. Probably one of the best advantages is that they serve shisha, so all of you shisha lovers know where to go.

We were welcomed and seated, our waiter Paul was helpful where he gave us a quick look over Ramadan’s menu and we chose a bit from it and a bit from the regular one. Heres what we had:

Starting off with asparagus soup which was very light and tasted good. Didnt wanna drink much from it to leave some room for the rest :P

For the appetizers we had: Hommous with meat, tabouleh, spicy potato, berghol with tomatoes, kobba stuffed with veggies and chicken and halloumi cheese in pink sauce.

They all tasted good, however the chicken and halloumi cheese in pink sauce was EXTRA special. It took me awhile to realise that it actually had chicken, i thought its all halloumi cheese, but it doesn’t matter, they both tasted really good and I highly recommend it.

As for the dessert, we tried a very traditional Ramadan dessert called Kollaj, ive never tried it before, but I guarantee you this is one you definitely need to try. and to end our meal, we had may ward along with it. not a big fan but it wasnt bad at all.

Overall, we had a good experience at Cafe Blanc, I will make sure to come back again :) Thank you Cafe Blanc for the invitation and for having us.


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