TV: Ramadan Ads? Seriously?

27 Jul


I’m one of those people who APPRECIATES creative ads, I actually wouldn’t mind watching million of ads as long as they are creative, funny or even entertaining. But what I have been seeing lately is getting a little bit out of hand. I do understand that in Ramadan people tend to watch a lot of tv (which is stupid in the first place) and all the brands and the marketers try their best to attract as much audience as possible, which is fine by me so far. But whats up with people spreading those ads everywhere like they havent seen any before?

With over 30 ads I have seen so far for many companies during Ramadan, I could easily say that 2 or 3 of them were good, and maybe one that was awesome. Am not gonna start mentioning names so you wouldn’t think that am backing up a certain company, but honestly, they were all below the average, why? well for many reasons:

1. Creativity: There is no creativity at all. You are watching the ad and already expecting what to see, or it’s simply lame and dull.

2. Sense of Humor: Some of the ads are trying to ad the sense of humor into the ad by throwing some lame and silly jokes. It’s not funny I promise you, if anything…it makes us like you less.

3. Acting: Whats up with trying so hard to put all other nationalities into the ad? are you trying to be funny? it’s getting seriously out of hand when all you do is bring people from other nationalities making a fool out of themselves just to “call it” funny? I don’t find it funny.

4. Music: Its alllllllll the same, ads sound too repetitive and nothing catchy, I do appreciate those ads with a song in the back, but you can’t just do ALL of your ads with that idea! it gets old.

5. Celebrities: Usually when you bring a celebrity then it’s probably gonna make the ad successful. However, this doesn’t work here, cuz what I have seen is that they bring a celebrity where he/she say a few words that does not make any sense, and am supposed to like it? well no sorry.

Am not a director nor a producer, I do know that making an ad is not an easy job, it takes them weeks if not months to come up with a 30 seconds ad, and for THAT reason am upset, please give us something different!

Does anyone agree with me on this? let us know what do you think.

6 Responses to “TV: Ramadan Ads? Seriously?”

  1. 7amood July 29, 2012 at 1:50 am #

    i thought I was the only one not too happy about the ad’s. .advertising is my field of study, but I am far from an expert on it, nor do I claim to be one, that being said, I think the ads were created without a goal in sight.

    to elaborate, tv ads, marketing campaigns et al., are created to increase customer retention, acquire new customers, generate sales etc., and they use actual scientific knowledge and data in developing these campaigns. But our friends in kuwait merely resort to humor in their ads. Moreover, there is a general consensus among academia that ad’s involving humor do not work- simply because the humor tends to cloud the msg the ad is trying to send.

    il zibda. .”some” ramadan ads might be funny. .but I highly doubt they will achieve what they ought to achieve.

    p.s.: now thats creative…


  2. umkhaloodie July 27, 2012 at 6:59 am #

    Loooooool!!!!!! I do like the smoking ninja tho ;)


  3. fai9aljuve July 27, 2012 at 1:46 am #

    I totally agree with you ,really we r lacking creativity , and when the ad becomes creative you will find out that this ad is copied from another foreign channel or another american company.. when you find something on the internet, absolutely someone else has seen this !
    Ads here needs creativity and needs a message , a certain , and clear message to deliver to people…

    Entertainment is ok but excessive jokes , and making fun of others is unacceptable also…

    Thats all on my mind


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