Review: Coco before Chanel

8 Aug

yesterday, i had the privilege of watching Coco before Chanel.. this movie is an endearing tale of the life of one of the biggest fashion icons of our time.. Coco Chanel… (her real name was actually Gabrielle but her father used to call her Coco and the name stuck)

the story does not focus so much on her as a designer, but her life prior to that, her passion for success and her desire to achieve greatness, her life and loves, the hardships she faced from childhood – and the different careers she tried her hand at to become somebody..

i love the character audrey tatou has played – she comes of as this doe-eyed lost girl, who doesn’t necessarily have much direction in life, but knows she wants to achieve something, and will try anything – most things are not considered beneath her… the character speaks a little to the girl in all of us…

i don’t want to say anymore incase you haven’t watched the movie… but i really do recommend it for everyone..

rating 8/10 (maybe even 9) ;p

if you watch it or have watched it – let us know what you thought :)


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