14 Aug

okay so we all know that Ramadan is coming to a close…

and while it has been quite exhausting and work has become a bit less productive.. i am totally gonna miss the work hours and the less focus on food (yes – in our family we focus less on food ;p – u only gotsa eat once a day – saves a lot of thinking ;p)

i have had the best time in Ramadan because of the working hours!! i really enjoyed working from 9-3pm as opposed to 9-6:30..

it just opens up the whole day! u can have a life.. u can go home and go out again.. u can enjoy daylight.. u can finally stop feeling like a vampire that spends their whole day indoors till the sun comes up..

although.. we are only getting two days’ eid holidays in dubai!

everyone is soooo stingy here!!! with holidays – i miss that about kuwait – they are a lot more generous!!!! obviously i miss a lot more things about kuwait.. but that would take a whole new blog! ! ! !

altho.. i am glad that i can have water throughout the day again soon!!!!!!!!!!

what will u miss most about Ramadan???



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