cheap people

9 Sep

i had the funniest weekend!

one thing that i have been seeing a lot of in dubai is how people will only pay for exactly what they owe – to the dirham ;p

it’s really quite funny…  i’m smiling while i write this post ;p

here’s what happened:

i had a friend (they will be called ABC here on forth ;p) over for a movie and we ordered some food.. the delivery man came and ABC kept sitting while i went to get the food with my wallet.. suddenly ABC had followed me to the door and had paid while i was rummaging for money..

so i had the cash out – and obviously i would pay for the full meal as it was my house.. i would not take no for an answer.. but i had the food in my hand and i was just trying to tuck the money inside my wallet while i put the food on the table.. i was saying to ABC that it was my home.. and because ABC thought i was putting the money back.. literally snatched it out of my hand and put it in their wallet ;p

i didn’t even see it being transferred from my hand to their wallet ;p .. it was such a blur ;p

i find all this so funny ;p i have never had these situations before ;p i am happy to pay for people.. it’s not gonna make me poor ;p

why do people make gestures when they are just cheap ;p

hehehhehehe it made me laugh a lot..


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