Thank You Dubai !

21 Sep

So I’m back to Kuwait, and who doesn’t love to be back home! I was in Dubai for a couple of days attending something for work, and of course getting to see Cheeky ;) This was not my first trip to Dubai, and of course not my last, but I have definitely saw Dubai changing towards the better through the past 10 years. I had a great time in Dubai, and that’s why I’m writing this Thank You post:

1. Thank you for being such a safe place (at least for me). I like the fact that a girl could walk in the street, mall or anywhere without being looked at in a weird way. I like that a girl can take a taxi or the metro whenever wherever without being worried much about her safety.

2. Thank you for taking care of Cheeky! its true she always wants to be back to Kuwait, but i would always appreciate the time we spend whether it’s here or there :D

3. Thank you for making life much easier by building huge ass malls that have all the shops you could think off, restaurants, entertainment with a great view.

4. Thank you for having such nice people with great attitude towards everyone, its nice to see people greeting you with a smile and being all polite.

5. Thank you for having so much activities all around the place.

6. Thank you for making transportation so easy, you are always one taxi away from your destination. And the metro? that’s a different story.

7. Thank you for being an arab city with lots of potential and great success.

I would definitely visit Dubai again and again. If you have been to Dubai then you probably know what am talking about, if you havent, then what are you waiting for?




2 Responses to “Thank You Dubai !”

  1. Cheeky September 23, 2012 at 9:47 am #

    thank you for not telling people i fell asleep on our sleepover ;p


    • Moody September 25, 2012 at 10:31 pm #

      thank you for doing that :P


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