caveman challenge – day 1 of 100

22 Oct

so yesterday was the first day on this diet.. this challenge i set my self – 100 days of paleo (read about it here)

and i didn’t seem to mind it so much…

this is what i ate

breakfast: omlette with mushrooms

snack: nuts (about 10 nuts in total)

lunch: tuna salad

snack: nuts (about 15 nuts)

dinner: aubergine cooked with beef and a side salad

snack: nuts (15-20) + small square of dark chocolate

i am pretty happy with what i ate yesterday – my only problem is nuts.. i think i went overboard.

i am going try to limit myself to a small handful from today onwards..

let’s see how that goes ;p

i tried going to the gym… but it was FULLY packed.. so i decided to work out at home.. but motivation by then was a bit low.. so i just did a 15 minute workout.. let’s see how today goes :D

on the plus side :D i managed to not eat any single “yellow dates” (khalaal / barhi / bar7i) which i am absolutely addicted to! ;p and my mum brought like a couple of kilos yest :D


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