caveman challenge – day 2 and 3

23 Oct

so I have started the 100 days of paleo challenge (read it here)

and yesterday was day 2! today has been day 3!

day 2:

yesterday was a good day.. except for the nuts!! nuts nuts nuts! ugh!

I had an omlette with mushrooms for breakfast.

but was super hungry so had my apple and some nuts and my roast beef and some veg and celery

i had my black coffee which filled me up after that – and i wasn’t so hungry for dinner.. so had some nuts and veg..

day 3:

had a work event! at The Taste Initiative in Dubai (located inside The Change Initiative – a store based on sustainability) they had the most delicious cakes and pizzas! (they looked delicious) – there is a picture above of the carrot cake ;p

i had a filling breakfast before of an omlette with spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes – so luckily i was full… but i did have two tiny pieces of dark chocolate and a black coffee.

lunch was amazing grilled fish and side salad with yummy tahina sauce from Al Hallab at Mall of Emirates! SOOO goood!

dinner will be a small chicken salad! and NUTS :D haven’t had any all day!!!

have to run to another work event now! so tired :(

Tomorrow is the weekeeendddd *dancessss*



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