Event: Red Bull 3rd Flugtag

25 Oct

Another year and another Flugtag happening in Kuwait. This is my second time attending the event (read about last year HERE) and I honestly had mixed feelings about it as it wasnt that great last year, but I definitely wanted to go to see how they changed and if there was something different.

To start with the invitation, it was probably the coolest part! I just appreciate cool invitations, which happened to be as an airline ticket with a boarding pass.

A good thing that happened this year is that they actually started on time, not like last year’s event. I was glad to see them bringing someone from outside to present the show, which happen to be Rayya who represent Scoop on MBC. I personally like her but some people find her irritating I guess lol.

Now, I do understand that we don’t have a lot of open space with facilities in Kuwait that they can use for this event, but I REALLY don’t think Marina is the right choice. It’s true its gonna be on their benefit as Marina Crescent is usually crowded on weekends which means they will have more people watching, but you can’t really ask people to stand and watch for 4 hours  with kids running around and people holding cameras! It’s true we were sitting in the VIP area, but we got a glimpse of that too.

Lets talk about the participants shall we?

I didn’t get the chance to take a lot of pics, but most of the teams have done a great job in building their “plane” or whatever the shape is! it seems they also spent enough time deciding on their theme and customs. However, 90% of them failed to actually fly!

Each team also had around 1 minutes before they actually jump to perform a show, where most of them danced on Gangnam Style, which was kinda funny :) Check out this video that we shot:

Weather? That day was not a good day at all. Humidity, windy every now and then, then it turned cloudy. We were not prepared for that, shorts were a MUST!

Overall, the event was better than last year I guess. I really hope next year they can figure out a better place to host it at, and maybe we would participate! who knows ;)

Thank you Red Bull team and thank you Wataniya!


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