caveman challenge: day 7, 8 & 9

29 Oct

i set myself the 100 days of paleo challenge (to find out more click here) and have been browsing lots of different websites – there are some great websites around!

but sometimes i wonder if it  is just another fad – for me lentils are meant to be super healthy – have i been wrong all these years? one of life’s many mysteries right?

the last 3 days have been so hectic that i have just been eating whatever without thinking – it is all paleo friendly but i believe i am having too many dried fruits and nuts to lose weight! so tomorrow i need to be more mindful about what i eat..

i really wanna cut down on nuts – and dried fruits..

dried fruits i can do – but nuts are one of the only things that i really enjoy at the moment… guess i just need to get better at controlling myself…

i wonder if chewing gum is paleo friendly – maybe that would help?


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