caveman challenge: day 20

10 Nov

so i am meant to be doing the 100 days of paleo challenge and i did really great for a while..

and then my mum started buying all these goodies and placing them right under my nose.. and i couldn’t resist..

so even the last two days – even tho i vowed i would be good – i have not..

so my parents travel tomorrow morning – after which i will completely clean the house of all goodies and ask my sister in law to store for me until my parents are back..

i am starting a fitness routine from tomorrow early morning – its a 4 week circuit factory challenge – check that out here..

so all in all – inshallah this time things will work out and i will have more space and be able to work out better and eat healthier

and to make up for my naughty food days – i am going to have one cheat meal on the 17th / 18th of november – and then not have a cheat meal for 6 weeks – then have one cheat meal till december 28th and then the next date following that will be after 4 weeks – when the challenge is close to an end

i really need some help on this – so if anyone has any words of wisdom i would so so appreciate that…

i am also going to start cooking more so will sure to upload some recipes :D


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