one of those days: noise pollution in the work place

27 Nov

do you guys have the problem when you are trying to do some work and some annoying person keeps coming up to you and showing you stuff?

or they keep stating stuff out loud that no one is interested in?

or they stand behind you and laugh hysterically when nothing funny has been said!

today all three of the above have been happening more than usual..

a heavy workload does not make for tolerant minds! come on! that’s inspired ;p sounds like something Aristotle would say! ;p i make this crap sound gooooooddd!

phew feeling sooo much better – was about to get up and strangle this girl that feels the need to share every detail of her life (not so very exciting to me) with EVERYONE!

she complains loudly – jokes loudly – laughs loudly! and everyone is just trying to get on with their work! it is literally pin-drop silence at the moment!!


thanks for the vent session ;p


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