caveman challenge: day 30 – 44

3 Dec

paleo_diet_flowchart-500x377it has been a long time since i have updated you guys on my 100 days of paleo…

my last update was days 25-30 

it’s not easy let me put it that way – there are a lot of temptations along the way…

in the last two weeks – there were ups and downs – but the last 10 days (except for yesterday) have been super clean!

yesterday i had some peanuts – which are non paleo as they are a legume.. but today i am back to avoiding peanuts and the like again…

i can’t wait till the 27th of december for my next cheat meal!

i need to be good until then and i will..

i am almost half way through this challenge and haven’t followed it consistently..

however i stay on track!

any ideas what to have for my cheat meal? ;p


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