The Mystery Behind the Tab Water

22 Dec


Since the first day that i got my cat “Messi” I have noticed that he doesn’t know how to drink water properly, but I just thought he was just too young (1 month back then). After awhile, I have noticed that he doesn’t drink enough water, specially when he found out about the tab water/shower!

It all started when he noticed any member of the family washing their hands at the sink, then he would jump and go running to the water and start drinking! At first we thought its funny and cute, cuz he would get his head wet and not mind it at all, but then it became a habit, which made it annoying somehow.

Everytime he would want to drink water, he would have to call us to open the door, and of course open the water for him to drink. After that he would call us again to come and close it!! I know this can be OKAY only if he wouldn’t want to drink in the middle of the night! Then I started thinking what if there was no one at home? that could be a problem.

So I waited for my parents to travel, cuz mum being all mommy can’t handle saying no to him, so I started teaching him again how to drink from his bowl, and after 3 days of suffering he got the hang of it, though I still think he doesn’t know how to drink properly! I even googled it and found that a lot of cats do that cuz they exceptionally like water and they prefer it fresh and running.


And that’s when I found out about something called the water fountain for cats that I think would be PERFECT for Messi. Specially that now that mum is back, he went back to being all spoiled and drinking from the tab water again. I tried to look for this water fountain in Kuwait but there’s no luck yet. I might go ahead and order it online, but thought of asking you guys about it, have you seen it in Kuwait? Do you a place that might be selling such thing? please do help :(


3 Responses to “The Mystery Behind the Tab Water”

  1. Abdul-Aziz December 26, 2012 at 12:19 am #

    100% agree with the comment above, i was thinking abt it as i read… get a small fountain, modifie it if u need. u can find a large collection in Truevalue store


    • Moody December 26, 2012 at 10:53 am #

      Ill try to see what i can find :)


  2. NO.22 December 22, 2012 at 10:35 am #

    I haven’t seen it but how about using a normal fountain. Those you plug in and they circulate the water. It should work as well and look prettier at the same time :)


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